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3 Common Causes of Back Pain

There are many reasons you can have back pain. The pain may be temporary and go away without treatment. However, some pain may last for long periods and thus call for medical care. Such back pain in Newtown calls for the right diagnosis. You need to visit a facility that provides regenerative medicines, physical therapies, and minimal procedures to address the underlying causes of your back pain. Let’s first have a look at the causes of back pain.

Causes of back pain

  1. Spondylosis

As we age, the discs, ligaments, and bones in the spine can weaken naturally. This occurs to everyone to some degree as part of aging, but it does not have to be an issue, and not everybody experiences pain from this. The discs in the spine get thinner, and the spaces in between the vertebrae narrows.

Little pieces of the bone can form at the edges of the facet and vertebrae joints. The medical term for this issue is spondylosis, and it is the same with the changes resulting from osteoporosis in the joints. Keeping the muscles around the spine and spine supple and pelvis strong will reduce the effect of spondylosis.

  1. Sciatica

Back pain is linked with leg pain, and there can be tingling and numbness. This is known as sciatica. This is caused by a nerve in the spine being squeezed or pressed on. For many people that have sciatica, leg pain might worsen, and they can have little or no back pain.

In many cases, sciatica results from a bulging disc pressing on the nerve. Discs are made to bulge, so we don’t have to move the spine easily, but the bulge can hook a nerve root and lead to pain that spreads down the leg and foot.

  1. Spinal stenosis

Back pain is sometimes associated with leg pain that begins after you start walking for a few minutes and then gets better quickly when you sit. This is called spinal stenosis. It can happen from birth and develop as you age.

When something presses on the tiny space at the center of the spine, problems result where the nerves are located. This space, known as the nerve root canal or spinal canal, can be squeezed by a ligament or bone.

Symptoms mainly affect both legs, but one can get worse than the other. The pain mainly gets better when you rest and sit down, and many people find they have minimum pain if they walk less stooped. Similar to sciatica, the common problem seems to be leg pain more than back pain.

In many cases, neither spinal stenosis nor sciatica is a severe problem. However, if the symptoms lead to a lot of trouble and affect your quality of life, see your doctor for further advice and know what else can be done.

Depending on any cause of your pain, treatment can include medication, lifestyle changes, or surgery. It would help if you talked to your doctor when your back is not feeling well. They can assist you to know what is causing the hurt and might help you feel a lot better. If your pain gets a lot worse, Performance Pain and Sports Medicine can give you medications to help manage your pain.

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